Use cases of data rooms

How data rooms can be used in business?

To get the most of any business tool you should understand all the situations where it can be applied. Not knowing when an electronic data room can be utilized businesses pay the provider just for the occasional usage. This pattern shouldn’t take place because any company can use VDRs in a lot of cases.

Due Diligence

Let’s start with the most obvious way to use a data room. Companies go through this process quite often having to deal with a massive amount of documents over and over again. With a virtual data room, due diligence becomes as effortless as it can get. The firm needs to assemble the files required for this activity once and then merely maintain the structure and update the information as required.

Another useful feature of data rooms is a Q&A section where parties can interact. It simplifies and speeds up due diligence creating constant communication. The company can assemble this section with frequently asked questions in advance to even more ease the process.

Mergers and Acquisitions

It’s another business process that requires lots of work with papers. Due diligence is a part of Mergers and Acquisitions, so there is no wonder VDRs became a vital tool in this case. With a data room, M&A can be carried out in a few days while the old-fashioned approach would take at least several weeks. Using a data room, due diligence for merging or acquiring the assets will be swift and straightforward.

Also, potential buyers can’t see each other in the VDR while the sell-side has a clear view of their activity. It gives the seller an advantage – knowing what other parties are interested in, the company can create better offerings for buyers and close a more profitable deal rapidly.

Board Portal

The board of directors, obviously, has to deal with sensitive corporate documents all the time. Therefore, the safe storage that is easy to access is vital for a steady and streamlined workflow. The board management software can be integrated with the secure virtual data room so that directors can work with documents conveniently without duplicating them in the board portal. And as new members join the board, they can take a grasp of the current situation studying the documents in the data room.


To gets the needed funds the business has to convince investors in its profitability. And there is no better way to do that other than compiling a pack of documents that will prove that you deserve the investment. A virtual data room is an excellent tool for these needs. Using it, businesses can assemble the data for investors so that they can perform due diligence quickly and conveniently.

secure virtual data room

Bankruptcy and restructuring

Going through restructuring companies want to complete the process as quickly as possible so that they can focus on their growth. Bankruptcy is also a complex and time-consuming event that involves numerous papers and several sides taking part in the activity. The best data rooms offer third-parties easy access to all the corporate data of the firm that goes through bankruptcy or restructuring. It allows them to study the documents, discuss the matters and sign all needed papers in almost no time.

IP licensing

Life sciences and healthcare can use virtual data rooms for IP licensing. This process is quite unique since it involves extremely sensitive information. Until the intellectual property is not licensed, it can be stolen easily. The data room provides organizations with a secure environment where they can upload the most secret documents and share them only with authorized individuals. There is no chance of data leak or theft if a VDR is involved.

IPO diligence

An initial public offering provides the company with a single chance to make a good impression. That’s why it is crucial to have all the documents ready and neatly organized. Then the business can seize the opportunity once it goes public. Some VDR providers even power their software with Artificial Intelligence to offer businesses an advantage over others. AI will give useful insights that may help in predicting the course of things.

Corporate repository

Gladly, times, when the company needed a separate space in the office to store the papers, are gone. Today a business can use a virtual data room to keep all the corporate data safe and organized. This approach saves time, efforts, and costs, additionally providing authorized third-parties easy access to the data when needed.

Financial audit

Since this process requires quite many documents, data rooms will come in handy. The company only needs to give authorities access to the online repository. And third-parties can study all the information conveniently. VDRs also ensure that authorities will see up-to-date versions of documents, which is very important during the financial audit.